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Each time a user visits this site, the analytics application provided by a third party generates a cookie for analyzing the user. This cookie tells us you have visited this site before. The browser will tell if you have this cookie, and if not, we will generate one. It allows monitoring the unique users who visit us and how often they do.

Cookie usage Policy

An "Internet Cookie" (a term known as "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie" or simply "cookie" ) is a small file, formed by letters and numbers that is stored on the computer, handheld or other equipment of a user who accesses the Internet. The cookie is installed by request issued by a web server to a browser (example: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and its completely "passive" (does not contain software viruses or spyware and cant access information on the users hard drive.

What type of information is stored and accessed via cookies?

A cookie contains information that connects a web browser (user) with a web server (website).
Cookies retain information in a small text file that allows a website to recognize a browser. When you first visit a website information on user preferences (language, currency) are stored in the browser. When you return to the website, the information from the cookie on the user preferences will be read and it will be set. The web server will recognize your browser until the cookie set there will exist on that browser.

Why are cookies important for the Internet?

The cookies represent the focus of the efficient operation of the Internet and they are helping generate a friendly browsing experience, adapted to the preferences and interests of every user. Denying or disabling cookies can make some websites impossible to use. Denying or disabling cookies doesnt mean you will not receive online advertising but that it will no longer take into account your preferences and interests, evidenced by browsing behavior .

Some advice for cookie users

Customize the browsers setting to reflect a desired security level regarding cookie usage. If you do not mind cookies and you are the only person using the device, you can set expiration dates for storing long browsing history and personal access data. If you share access to your computer, you may consider setting your browser to delete individual data browsing every closure of the browser. This is an option to access sites that place the cookies and to remove any information related to them when you are closing the browser. Customize browser settings regarding cookies to reflect a comfortable level of security using cookies. Install and update antivirus software permanently / antispyware.

All the modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings:


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