Distance Calculator Between Two Cities

About route planner

This website helps you to calculate the distance / road route between two towns or two different addresses in the same town.
We offer the most simple, fast and comprehensive way to quickly find the road distance between two or more locations in Europe and entire world.
Instantly find road distance between cities from different countries.

How to use route planner for your trip

Plannig a route is very simple: enter the starting point and the arrival point in the search boxes. It can be a city, an address or a zip code (where applicable). The system will immediately find the right route and duration of the trip. On mobile phone, please drag the map with 2 fingers at the same time to see the complete route, where needed.

Why route planner

Route Planner is a useful tool when planning to travel across the world. It’s interface is mobile friendly, adapted for mobile devices so setting a route is very easy. Whether you want to find the shortest route between two locations within a different address or between two cityes, this distance calculator is useful in any situation.